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Travel Advice

Travel Advice

We are currently experiencing a high number of requests for Travel Advice.

Please be aware that there is a link here on the website to an NHS Travel Advice Page.

(This can be accessed by clicking on the "Your Health" tab in the menu bar, then clicking on "Travel Advice")

Alternatively, you can click on this link

We suggest that you use this link as your first port of call. It will advise you if you need any immunisations or prophylactic antibiotics to travel to your holiday destination.

You will be aware that we are working hard at the moment to ensure that you are given prompt and timely help. We are trying to reduce the number or wasted appointments (for example, an appointment with the nurse when she cannot give you the required treatment and needs to guide you elsewhere).

We ask that you call reception to book a NURSE TELEPHONE APPOINTMENT. The reason for this is that many travel related immunisations are not available on the NHS, they must be paid for privately. Our nursing team can signpost you to a reputable private travel company if needed.


Published 1st January 1970

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