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Chronic Diseases


We work with our patients who have long term (chronic) conditions, to provide GP and nursing support.

Our clinical team provide excellent support and treatment for our patients who have a range of conditions.


Long term conditions include:



Respiratory disorders (Asthma and COPD) and

Chronic heart disease


We have a specialist diabetes nurse, Lisa Stone, who sees patients at surgeries at the Golden Brook. Our practice nurse Jo Thorpe has a specialist interest and training in respiratory disorders.

Once you are diagnosed with a long term condition, you will be invited to come in for a review with a member of our team.


Reviews are there to support you.


They are your time to ask any questions about your condition and to report any problems with your treatment. Reviews are also important to ensure that you have had any required monitoring of your condition.

We hope that you find the reviews useful. To involve you in your care, you may be given a Care Plan ( a record of your condition, medications and a guide of what to do if you become unwell).

Published 26th November 2018

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